Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home of the Liverpudlians

Liverpool was not what I expected at all but I loved it. 

Reasons why Liverpool is cool:

#1. It reminded me a lot of California because it was a beautiful 70-degrees and we were right by the ocean.     
                 Did you know that Liverpool has been an important port city throughout    
                 history, where millions and millions of people left England and came to 
                 America? Including thousands of newly converted Mormons who left their 
                 homes to create a new life in the promised land. pretty cool eh?

#2. It is the birthplace of the Beatles!

     And I have to admit that I wasn’t really a Beatles fan before. But after going to The Beatles Story Museum and listening to their music via my friends here, their enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I think its safe to say the Beatles have gained another fan. 

After dinner we walked past a fountain so obviously we had to stop and play.

After a few minutes, a little girl (probably 12 years old) came up to me and asked if she could be in a picture with us. We awkwardly said yes so she grabbed my waist and we took a picture. Then we noticed all her friends standing behind us anxiously waiting so we asked them all if they wanted to be in a picture too. They ran over and we were about to take another picture and that same girl came over grabbed my waist again and said “I love you”. 

Haha. That was it and then they left.  So there are a few things that could explain this odd interaction... 
  • These little girls were high via the use of illegal substances
  • She was just really friendly/weird
  • She thought I was a celebrity
I guess we will never know…

Another highlight of the trip…Ted the Tick

To be continued…

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