Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Moments, Big Memories

Well as of today, we (the bloggy day in london writers) have 18 days in Europe, 11 days in London, only 2 and a little more weeks left...
basically the clock's a tickin'.
Even though we've had huge experiences in Scotland, Liverpool, the Wells, Glastonbury and all over London, some of my favorite memories are the
unexpected moments

New friend: Daniel Cooper (son of Prof. Cooper)
Age: 4
Why we're friends: We spent 4 hours on the train ride to Scotland searching for Tree Castles, quoting Finding Nemo, playing D.J. Dan on my ipod and so much more.

Featuring: Alex Boye (singer for the Reflection's of Christ CD)
Age: unknown
Not only did he surprise us at our fireside the other Sunday, but I was singing that night too. I got to sing for him!! I don't think I've ever been more nervous in my life!

New Friend: Michaela Ball
Age: 20
Home: New Zealand
I met Michaela at the Hyde Park ward on our first Sunday in Relief Society. We just happened to start talking and turns out we were meant to be great friends. She joined us last Saturday for shopping, salads from Chop'd in Selfridges (the Harrods for Locals. yes we are now "locals.") and then to Piccadilly Circus for Ben's Cookies and some deep conversation.
We sat right on the steps below that statue, took a mental picture and will never forget that saturday.

New Friend: Rin Tin Tin
Actually we never knew his name, but he followed Looney, the lover of all dogs, for a while on our way home. It reminded me of the dog that followed my family and I years ago when we were traveling around, Italy was it (mom can remind me later)? I don't know where we were, but I LOVED playing and running around with that dog for hours. Who knows, maybe this is him and back for round two.

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