Monday, June 7, 2010

Sharing is Caring.

Staley and I found our dream house.
(disregard our questioning arms in this photo, we have no question that this is THE house.)

We have found ourselves taking notes on different elements we love in each of the old homes here.
Weird? Yes.

We aren't even close to owning a home, let alone renting an apartment without help from our parents.
In fact, I don't even own my own British History and Politics book or fingernail clippers these days.
Luckily my dear blogmates believe sharing is caring.

I finally allowed Jess to share one of her favorite Fox Mints with me tonight (she's always thoughtful and tries to, but I'm not too much an after-dinner mint fan) and she insisted I take
5 million
for the road as she frantically stuffed a handful in my pants pocket.

That girl would share her left arm with a friend if she needed to.
In fact, I think it's safe to say after our bus conversation last friday that she would be willing to be my baby's surrogate mother.
Thanks for being so willing to share Jess, youda best.

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