Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 3

Claire here.
It was a good day. We had waffles.
I sat next to a nice little French child on the tube today who was playing with a spin wheel. He wouldn't speak to me but he shyly kept looking up at me and smiling. We also saw an adorable little boy wearing a peacoat and carrying a teddy bear pouting in Hyde Park today.
We went to Borough Market today and we will definitely be back again next saturday. They sell ostrich burgers there. I thought ostriches were near extinct. Clearly they are not if they are cooking them for people to eat in London? Or maybe there is just a superfluous amount in this country.
Either way- I don't trust meat from animals that I have only seen in cartoons.
Staley, Megan, Jess and I went for a great run in Hyde Park today (see Bop's remarks below) and it was a great start to the day! We showered, washed and fluffed then headed over to Borough Market. We got a little mixed up on the tube on the way over there, but it is always an adventure! I actually secretly kind of like getting lost here. We always discover fun things when we do. And I can't even complain about getting lost because I don't help with the navigation one bit. Usually I just scamper off and take pictures or look at my British coins and try to memorize which is which. Staley is a great navigator and has been a fearless leader, along with Jillian and Tiffany.
Later we went to the National Gallery where we each found our paintings for our Mythology class and looked around for a bit. I fell in love with a painting of Venice by Canaletto. Afterwards it was pouring rain so we got to try out our umbrellas for the first time! I find my height an advantage when dodging people while carrying an umbrella. The umbrella usually goes over their head rather than in their eye.
Making another transfer in the train station
Ostrich. Weird.
Borough Market with my fair ladies!

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