Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minnie and our brilliant plan for Staley's celeb status.


Today as Jess, Victoria and I were walking down Portabello road, we saw a bunch of local artists playing on the side of the road. We decided it would be SO fun to come out on saturdays to play in local markets.

Our problem: none of us play the guitar or have the rocking abilities.
Our solution: STALEY DOES.
Our goal: Convince Staley to play at Portabello Road next week. She can make money all morning and spend it at the shops along Portabello in the afternoon. IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!

Last night as all of us were calming down and getting ready for bed, Megan gasps and jumps up off of the floor. She thought she saw a mouse running from behind the trash can and under our bed. There may or may not be a mouse in our room.
We named her minnie. After the scare none of us wanted to sleep close to the ground, so Stales slept in the top bunk with me and Megan hopped into bed with Jess. I woke up half way through the night and went into shock when I realized there was someone in bed next to me. I quickly realized it was Stale Bop and fell back asleep.

Today we woke up at 8 to go running, showered, then set off to go shopping for the day. Portabello was a street full of vendors, antiques, beautiful jewelry, and pushy French women scrambling for the best deals. We decided Saturdays will be our market days from here on out. After spending a little time at Portabello we went to Borough Market for lunch. Borough Market is like Costco samples on steroids. We just walked around and sampled little bits of all of the fresh food!
AND WE TRIED OSTRICH BURGERS!!! (see Megan's post)
They were amazing!
I had a dream about a giant ostrich egg last night. It's fate!!

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