Friday, May 21, 2010

Musophobia is a problem

29 minutes ago we got back from our trip to Windsor Castle. We book it to the servery to get some leftovers before everyone else eats them because we're starving! Last night we had delicious chicken fajitas and I cannot tell you how much I've missed Mexican food these past three weeks!!! London has about every other type of food in the world, but they are definitely lacking in the Mexican department.
So we throw it in the microwave, gobble most of it down, and we're sitting at the table when Brianna shrieks and yells, "I think there is a mouse in the fridge!" and sure enough after a bunch of the girls run over there to investigate, a MOUSE was found. inside of the fridge. the place where we had just gotten our food out of. the food that was now in my stomach. sick.
Anyone that knows me at all will know how I'm feeling right now. I'm trying to keep my food down as I'm writing this.
Maybe this is happening so I can get over of my RIDICULOUS fear of rodents. Maybe.
But all I know is that every night I go to bed and whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I have to convince myself that there are no mice in my bed and I'm not stepping on one when I feel something under my foot in my room.
Haha. Its kind of funny. well at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.
Claire or Jess...I think you might have a sleeping buddy tonight in your top bunks :)

Jenny The Mouse-Slayer
thanks Jenny from killing the mouse in our bathroom with a trash can and capturing the one in the fridge
2 down
a million more to go

The Musophobe aka Megan
with photograph submitted by Staley
who said I never take pictures
eat that Claire
I win


  1. Whatever Bop. One day you will be grateful for the thousands of pictures I have taken on this trip.

  2. there you go, Staley, with that winning thing again, hhahah! Love your blog, girls, I may never go to England so I'm living vicariously!