Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Spring Trip: Featuring Stouerhead

I'm sure many of you have you seen Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly. Well, if you're a fan, like a lot of the girls on this trip, you might be a little jealous to know that we, the BYU Spring Study Abroad group of 2010 visited two popular sites featured on the film. And if you're not a fan, just go with it. I'm not even a big Jane Austin fan and I was absolutely loving these places.

First off, the Wilton House. Home of the Earl of Pembroke.

The First Earl

Lord Pembroke with His Fiance Victoria. All the girls were hoping to see him while at the house and break up the engagement. They are scheduled to get married this month and I'm sure his 1 million pound car, the Bugatti, has nothing to do with it. The little gold diggers.

So as the we tour the grounds we get pictures galore. Honestly the most beautiful home ever, and fyi he still lives there. Thanks to Lord Pembroke for a delightful visit to your home. You were so hospitable.

Thanks mom for teaching me how to make daisy chains in Germany all those years ago. I'm still working on it though! :)

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