Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winged friends

We are finally done with a week overflowing with school work. Studying in London is harder than any studying I have ever done before. It takes huge restraint to stay inside to work on homework while there is a city to explore just outside our door!

Staley and I stayed up until 5 AM on Monday night working on our British History and Politics timeline (I hope Professor Cooper doesn’t see this). It was quite the test of endurance as we worked for hours and hours. It was a painful reality to hear birds chirping and the first signs of the sun outside as we trudged up to bed.

Speaking of birds, it has been a really uncomfortable experience being in a place where I don’t recognize most of the birds or their calls. I took a bio class last year that required us to identify and memorize tons of birds from North America. Ever since that class I have had a special little connection with my winged friends, but it’s hard to connect with foreign birds that I don’t recognize.

I need to invest in a European bird book.

Megan’s goal before leaving England: drop kick a pigeon.

The other day we found a flock (gaggle? herd?) of swans on the Avon River in Stratford.

There is one bird that I recognize (besides the pigeons, geese, ducks, etc) here that flocks to Hyde Park like children to a pinata. It’s called a European Starling.(see below)

Yours truly,
the bird whisperer

(for those of you who still don't know me well enough to know who wrote this, you don't really deserve to know)

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