Thursday, May 27, 2010

Land of the Scots

(In a Scottish accent) Miggin Looneeh here...
I have one word to describe Edinburgh. sketchy. Haha. seriously.

First of all, there are crazy, drunk or high people walking around EVERYWHERE.
Tons of beggars EVERYWHERE.
We saw a crazy street performer juggling a chain saw.
A cafe tried to rip Claire, Vic, and Jess off. luckily we caught it.

We were planning on taking a bus to the coast for dinner but the guy working at the hostel recommended that we didn't because he said, “I don’t want anyone to get stabbed.” It’s safe to say we didn’t go.

Oh and we met a new friend who took a picture for us. Well first he asked for 3 pounds for the bus. Stales and I gave in. Dang it. Because Claire later pointed out that him and his friends were holding bags of groceries. cool. luckily the picture actually turned out okay.

Highlights of the trip...
1. The train - 4 1/2 hours never went by so fast

2. The hostel - it blew the other hostels we've stayed at out of the water. it was awesome.
3. Chocolate Soup - a dessert cafe right up the street from our hostel. three words: chocolate brownie sandwich. AMazing. and yes we went every day we were there. don't worry we split it every time.

4. Chiquitos - A Mexican restaurant we went to for lunch on Tuesday. Can you say unlimited amounts of chips and salsa for FREE? After spending 4 weeks here in the UK, we forgot what that kind of Americanesque hospitality was like. 

The only problem was the FREAKING hot pepper I discovered in my salad, well actually in my mouth. Oh my gosh it was insane. I can barely handle medium salsa so basically I was dying. lets just say Claire said she's never heard me talk so fast. ever. Katelin-Jane, Jess, Staley, and Claire kept handing me all sorts of food and drink for the next ten minutes until it went away. Thank goodness for my friends :)
But that hot pepper still couldn't over shadow the joy of that Mexican food in my belly.

Random goodies

Shout out to my Papa! I had to take a picture of your cafe in the park. the color choice really suits you

Shout out to J's mama!

Edinburgh castle in the background

ps. photo credit - Claire Pingree

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