Thursday, May 27, 2010

These kicks will run...

These kicks will run, let’s have some fun, here in London town!”

(our pump up cheer before each run)

The other day we ran near Harrods and a whole bus full of tourists got an eye full of our full fledged cheer in the middle of the sidewalk.

Yesterday we took a run after class and decided to change up our normal route. We started running down towards Portabello and went over into the Notting Hill area.

Somehow we got lost and ended up asking some locals for directions for how to get back. We ran up Notting Hill and thought of our runs up to the temple in Provo. Luckily the hills here are dinky so it wasn’t too bad!

(Notting Hill)

Some comments we received while running through the neighborhoods:

“Good day ladies, you’re doing great!”

“Hello ladies, can we join you?”

“Can we come and run with you!”

and the best of all:


-A small British girl in full uniform at recess.

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