Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, the running didn't stop at Moab, it's followed us all the way to London (i.e. our half marathon experience in Moab last March). Our run through Hyde Park and Kennsington Gardens this morning was absolutely breathtaking.

Weather: blue skies and 16 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit)

We want to thank Hyde Park for
  • Large groups of Roller-Skiers (yes... Skis)
  • Gaurds on Horses (they're actually really nice and offered us a ride)
  • Tons of kids taking rollerblading lessons
  • The Albert Monument
  • Paddle-boating in The Serpentine
  • The Serpentine Cafe with cute little muffins and bagels for the locals
  • And of course, the green and white striped lawn chairs
Basically, the run through the park was the kindest exercise I've ever experienced. We loved stopping at each little monument, checking the map occasionally cause it's super easy to get lost in that park, and then people-watching. I think running through the park made this experience so great, because we felt like locals, even though we are sadly and obnoxiously American. But we through this place that has so much history, fame and beauty. The environment made this ordinary daily activity that we Americans would usually do on a treadmill, in a gym, infront of a personal tv into an extraordinary activity. It was what Dr. Macfarlane would call a magnificent "diversion."

Thank you Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens! You are as beautiful and full of history as the rest of this fabulous city!!

Love, Staley

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